Translate the program to your language

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From version 6.7, Avi to dvd free converter supports multiple language. Now you can translate the program to your mother language.

To start translation, please first find the English language file, it's in the program installation directory, in that directory, you will find a sub directory named "lan". In that sub directory, you will find all the language that current supported.

Before starting translation, please make a copy of the "en.ini" file, and use a langauge abbreviation to name the new file. Then use any text editor to open the new copied file.

The language file format is like this:


32771=Add &File F2
32772=Search &Dir F3
32824=Rip &CD
32773=&Remove From List Del
32805=&Select All Ctrl+A
32808=&Invert Select
32803=&Move Up
32804=Move &Down

Before translating the text, please set the "Lan Id" to the correct value, to find the correct value, please click to download a tool and run it. The "name" will be the language name shown in the program language menu.

After that you can begin translating the text. Here are some hints that you should know.

  • All the items in the file are in two formats, one is [***], which is read by program, you don't need to change it; another is ***=***, the text before the equal mark is an identifier used by program, the text after the equal mark is what will really be shown. So just translate the text after the equal mark.
  • For menu text, Sometimes there is a "&" mark between it, it is a mark of shortcut key character, for example, "&F" means it will be activated while pressing ALT+F. Sometimes there is a tab character between the text, it is the seperator between the text and the shortcut, for example, "Add &File[TAB]F2"(here we mark the tab character with [TAB], you can not see the [TAB] character, because it's an invisible character) means while pressing F2 key, this menu will be activated.
  • In some text, there is "%xxd" or "%s" between it, it is used by program. For example, "Total Elapse %02d:%02d:%02d", the first "%02d" will be replaced by hours number, and second will be replaced by minutes number, and the third will be replaced by seconds number. Here is another example, "Can't convert to itself, from %s to %s.", the first "%s" will be replaced by source file name, the second will be replaced by target file name.
  • In some text, there is "\n" between it or at the end of it, that is a new line mark character, please leave it be.
  • If you have any question on translation, feel free to email us.

To check your translation, please click menu "File"->"Language"->Your Language to apply your translation.

After you have translated all text, please send the translated file to support@binglesoft.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .