Burn DVD Fail FAQ

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DVD Burning Fail FAQ

To make a successful DVD, you must first have a DVD writer, also you need to have recordable DVD disc.

Why it asks me for DVD disc so early, the converting work even haven't started
The program is trying to make the converting and burning progress smoothly, so before converting started, it asks you for putting a DVD recordable disc into your dvd writer. And also it will do some check here, like whether the dvd disc is a blank disc, also how is the good burning speed. It do all this work before converting start, so after the long waiting converting work done, the burning work starts without any delay.

The program can't detect my DVD writer
You must have administrator priviledge for the program to detect DVD writer in your computer. It's a rule defined by Microsoft, we can't change it, if you find the program can't detect your DVD writer, first make sure you have logged in with an account with administrator priviledge.

Burn DVD fail Error
Their could be several possible reasons and solutions for the above error, basically what is happening is for some reason the CD/DVD burning software is unable to write content to DVD, resulting a disk burn failure. There is no easy way to pinpoint the exact reason, so try all the possible fixes from top to bottom (easy to hard) and see what works:

  • Try using different brands of quality blank media, most common reason for such error's is cheap blank media.
  • Disable IMAPI Service (Work's in most cases):
    1. Launch Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services .
    2. Browse for "IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service", Right-click on it and select properties.
    3. Change Startup Type to Disabled.
      disalbe imapi
    4. Click Apply and Reboot.
  • Try upgrading your writer's firmware.
  • If you have done all above, please send email to us for customer supporting.